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When You Need Internet Marketing

If you're a small business owner or someone who owns a website, it can be difficult to judge when you need professional internet marketing services.  How do you know when to hire an SEO consultant?


Here are a few signs that your site needs an internet marketing boost. (in order to track these changes you should be registered for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools)

  1. How often is your site being crawled?  To check this you should be registered with Google Webmaster tools.  Click on Webmaster Tools, then your site, then Overview.  The section 'Home Page crawl' will let you know when you were last crawled by Google.  Check this page frequently to determine how often your site is being crawled.  A good rate is once every two weeks.  If your site is not being crawled frequently, you could probably use some internet marketing consulting.

  2. Are you losing search positions?  Check your search position for keyword phrases that you think are important to your site.  If you sell glass ornaments, type 'glass ornaments' in the Google search box and determine the position of your site.  If you show up on the first page, you're doing well.  If you show up on subsequent pages you may want to consider search engine optimization services.

  3. Are you losing visitors at a steady rate or is your visitor level static?  Check Google Analytics for a period of time and determine whether your visitors are increasing, decreasing, or staying the same.  Unless they are increasing, you may want to consider internet marketing strategies. 

  4. Are you spending too much on Pay-Per-Click?  If your return on investment (ROI) is too low (as it often is with pay per click campaigns) you may need one of two things: 1) You may need a search marketing specialist to help streamline your PPC campaigns or 2) You may need internet marketing consulting.  The advantage of internet marketing is that it provides organic results, which means you don't pay for visitors to visit your site. 

  5. Is your bounce rate too high?  A bounce rate, which is measured by Google Analytics, measures the frequency at which individuals follow your link, look at your site, then leave immediately.  If your bounce rate is above 60% you have problems and should probably consult an internet marketing company. 

If your answer to three or more of these questions or issues is 'yes', then you should consider an internet marketing company.  Many companies provide a free SEO consultation prior to implementing their services.


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