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Search Engine Placement Service

Dragonfly SEO is a Search Engine Optimization company that specializes in helping you improve search engine placement and increase your internet visibility.  We utilize only "white hat" (legitimate) methods when optimizing your site for improved search engine placement.


The Birth of Search Engine Placement


When the internet first started on March 15, 1985 there was no talk of improving search engine placement or professional SEO services - that's because there were very few public domains registered on the world wide web.  Nobody knew anything about internet competition, let alone whether or not this new technology would catch on with the general public. 

Search Engine Placement Service

The world wide web grew with popularity and, as with all new technologies, spawned a host of even newer technologies.  With the increase in websites grew the need to organize information in a manner that web 'surfers' could easily find the information they were looking for.  Initially, directories (similar to an online Yellow Pages) were developed in an attempt to organize the web; however, with thousands of sites being added daily, directories soon overflowed with sites.  Web surfers had to sift through dozens of pages of directories to find the services they were looking for, until the first search engine was developed in the early 90's. 


Search engines were designed to quickly scour the web for information and find the most relevant site regarding your search query.  Earlier Search engines included Excite, Yahoo, and Altavista.  However, the inception of Google in 1998 truly changed the search engine industry and created a new desire for search engine placement and internet marketing


Google revolutionized the way that a search engine could provide users with relevant content, and  within a few years Google had become the dominant force in the search engine industry.  A #1 ranking on Google soon became the Holy Grail of internet marketing, which was fast becoming a new industry.  Search engine optimizers soon developed search engine placement services that  would increase placement for themselves and their clients.   Now, it is virtually impossible for a website to succeed on the internet without the aid of a search engine placement service.


What does a search engine placement service do?


A search engine placement service utilizes numerous search engine friendly techniques to improve a website's placement, including increasing the number and relevancy of inbound links (links from other sites), rewording or rewriting website content (web page text), utilizing Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords,  improving HTML code, and developing a better-organized internal linking structure for your site.


The goal of all of these services is to improve search engine placement.


What is Search Engine Placement?


When you search Google for a keyword phrase such as "used cars", you are given a set of ten results that are deemed relevant to your search by the search engine, which utilizes complex algorithms to "rank" pages.  Ideally, these pages are ranked in order of most relevant to least relevant.


Why does Position Matter?


The first, most relevant, position after a keyword search receives 40% of all the traffic for for a particular keyword phrase.  The second place position receives approximately 12% of all traffic...if there are 1000 search on a particular keyword in one day, that's the difference between 400 potential customers and 120 potential customers (280 customers more per day simply by increasing search engine placement by 1 spot). 


As you might imagine, stepping just one position up in the rankings can be difficult, as most website owners have caught on to the importance of search engine optimization.  However, a search engine optimization consultant can help you improve search engine placement.


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