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Dragonfly SEO offers website consulting services and performs free analyses of all prospective clients’ websites. Our SEO consulting service will examine your site’s:


Keyword Efficiency

Internal Linking Structure

Keyword Density

External Linking Structure

HTML Coding

Link Quality


Our SEO consulting provides a detailed report of suggested changes to your site.  Our search engine optimization consulting services also provide expected SEO fees for whichever services you choose. 


SEO Consulting Services

                                Free Consultation


Not everyone is tech savvy, so, depending on your SEO knowledge, we will fully explain our consulting process in your terms.  To us, consulting is working with you to reach a common goal – to increase your internet visibility.


Dragonfly Freelance understands that it’s easy for many SEO companies to overcharge clients because very few people have expert knowledge about SEO...we do, and we don’t overcharge our clients.   We charge an hourly rate for our SEO consulting, and that rate will not change. 


Our SEO Consulting advises you on how to:

  1. Increase your site’s ranking for specific keywords

  2. Increase traffic to your site

  3. Decrease the need for costly Pay-per-click campaigns

  4. Fix non SEO text

  5. Utilize only White Hat, professional SEO services

  6. Eliminate Black Hat SEO that may have been used by previous SEO consultants

If you’re Developing a New Website, our SEO consulting experts will suggest strategies for fast and stable website success, and we specialize in internet marketing for small business.


Our consulting is focused on building your site’s SEO content in a constructive and user-friendly manner.  All pages are written from scratch, so each page is unique (search engines penalize pages for duplicate content).


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