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Internet Marketing for Small Business

Commerce occurs with or without your small business.   How much of that commerce comes to you depends on your visibility.


In the past, a small business could thrive simply by posting their name in the yellow pages and running a few ads utilizing a variety of media, including newspapers, magazines, flyers and, for larger small businesses, television.  However, since the universal explosion of the internet and the subsequent dependence of many potential clients on that media, it has become essential for small business owners to develop an online presence.  To do that, many require the help of an SEO company.


You know how important the internet is to your business, that's why you're here...internet success can make or break a small business, we ensure that success.


If you're here, you've probably already developed a web site.  You've had difficulty attracting online clients, you've done some research, and you know the problem: you require internet marketing for your small business.


Imagine that your website is a store located on a virtual street (in many ways, that's exactly what it is).  You've got lots of nice things at your web site, things or services that clients are just dying to get their hands on...the only problem, your web site SEO content is unoptimized.  Unoptimized content on a small business web site is like spending thousands of dollars to build a restaurant and forgetting to place a name on the front of the store and a doorknob on the door.  What you have is a very nice, very expensive place to store empty seats and unused tables (or fancy graphics, fonts, and seo content).


You need to market your small business!


Many small business owners mistakenly assume that designing a web site is all they need to do for internet traffic to magically appear on their virtual doorstep.  Well, just as it would be outlandish to assume that a successful company store can exist without advertising, it is outlandish to assume your virtual small business can thrive without advertising and marketing designed for the virtual marketplace.


Search Engine Optimization management and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are internet specific advertising strategies.


Dragonfly specializes in affordable internet marketing for small business web sites.  Because we're also a small business company, we understand many of your needs, and we've developed inexpensive SEO strategies that fit the budgets of almost any small business. 


Our internet marketing for small business web sites is geared toward the "Do-It-Yourself" attitude of many business owners, and we readily adapt to your needs, whether you are looking for someone to help manage your Google SEO efforts or an SEO expert to run all of your internet marketing strategies. 


We don't offer cookie-cutter optimization packages because we understand that each website and every industry is unique, and seo content for your small business web site must be equally unique.  Because we are a small business, we, like you, appreciate and value our clients, working WITH them to develop effective internet marketing for their small business. 


If you're interested in learning more, or would like a Free Consultation, please contact Geoffrey Hoesch, Owner Dragonfly SEO.


Dragonfly SEO is a Baltimore, MD based small business. 






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