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Baiting a Great Web Content Writer

Finding a skilled web content writer is like catching a 20 pound bass (for those who don't know, that's a big bass).  The first thing you want to do after 'catching this fish' is tell all your friends about how your hard work and research paid off, and how all those hours fishing for the right web content writer for your website were not in vain.  Of course, you didn't catch that bass out of luck (or maybe you did), you prepared yourself by using the proper bait.


You may be thinking, "what difference does a web content writer make?  I just need someone to put keyword dense content on my web site.  Heck, I could do that myself if I had the time."  Keep thinking that way and you'll come home with a 5 ounce minnow.  Finding an experienced web content writer is not easy, and most online copywriters probably know a few things about web search engine optimization that you don't.  Here's a list of key content writing aspects (turn them into questions for your search) that you can use to bait a great web content writer:

  1. Web content writing starts with keyword phrase research.  Unless you have a PAID subscription to a keyword analysis tool such as Wordtracker or Trellian, don't conduct your own keyword research (or if you do, only research 'popular' keyword phrases).  A good web content writer knows to target less popular keywords, especially when your website is just starting out.
  2. An SEO copywriter (web content writer) needs to have some understanding of HTML.  They don't necessarily need to be programmers or web designers, but it helps if they have some intimate knowledge about designing a website.  At the very least, a web content writer will understand how to create effective META tags (META description and META keywords) and Title tags.  Descriptions and titles are especially important because these are what grab your potential customers attention and entice them to click on your page link. 
  3. A qualified web content writer should also understand more than one aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), and should be familiar with link building and Pay Per Click campaigns (which often run hand-in-hand with SEO).
  4. Internal linking should be second nature for a great web content writer, and they should offer these services without a query from you, especially if yours is a multi-page SEO project.
  5. Many content writers are part of larger professional SEO services.  Make sure the service providers are legit.
  6. A good seo writer will offer to optimize your web pages for 2-4 keyword phrases, not just one, and they will optimize these phrases at densities between 3% and 6%. 
  7. The best web content writers offer to write 'link baiting' content.  Much like this article, this content is designed to inform audiences about your services, establish your credibility as an expert in your field, and add quality content to your website.
  8. Although they are not completely crucial to web content writing, an SEO copywriter will attempt to include keyword phrases in H1 or H2 headers and they will generally include keyword phrases in bold at least once on each search engine optimized web page. 

Hopefully, this provides you with enough information to catch a great content writer. 


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